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The proceedings are now available online!

(Old instructions below)

The proceedings of CS15 will be published online-only (as an e-book) in the Conference Proceedings Series of the American Institute of Physics (AIP). Authors will not receive a printed copy, but have guaranteed access to the online proceedings. AIP will still prepare and distributed printed copies to subscribing libraries. If you want you can order printed copies directly from AIP. The AIP Conference Proceedings Series is linked into ADS.

We have arranged the following page allocations :

  • Invited talks: 10 pages
  • Contributed talks: 6 pages
  • Spliter session summaries: 8 pages
  • Posters: 4 pages
If you have not signed the agreement on the transfer of copyright, please download and fill in the form from and mail it to:

School of Physics & Astronomy
Att. Eric Stempels
North Haugh
KY16 9SS
St Andrews
Scotland, UK

Author instructions, examples, templates and forms are available online at :

We aim for a quick production of the proceedings, and therefore expect to receive your contributions at the latest on September 25th (non-negiotable).


You should prepare your manuscript using LaTeX (not pdftex or pdflatex). A template is included in the AIP macro package. When submitting, you will be asked to upload your LaTeX manuscript, and we will process it on our system. We do not accept files prepared with MS Word.

Since the proceedings will be published electronically, you may want to include URLs. Please use the \url{} container for this.

In the abstract you will need to include PACS classification numbers (similar to keywords). Classification numbers related to astronomy can be found in PACS category number 90.

You will also be asked to provide keywords with your abstract. Please choose keywords from the list that is common to the major astronomical journals.

When preparing figures, pay special attention to that these should be readable at high resolution. Scanned or bitmap figures should be prepared to a resolution of 600dpi. Lower resolutions generally do not produce good output when printing.

If you have any questions when preparing your manuscript, please check these pages again, or contact us.

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