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24th July 2008 - New planet announced at St Andrews Astronomy conference

The discovery of a new planet around the same size as Jupiter was announced today (24 July 2008) at an international astronomy conference at the University of St Andrews.

The discovery of the planet, named CoRoT-Exo-4b, was made by the European team behind the CoRoT space mission. Slightly larger than the sun, the new planet takes 9.2 days to orbit its host star, one of the longest orbiting periods of any transiting planet ever found.

The research team, led by the French space agency CNES, were surprised to find that the star is rotating at the same pace as the planet's orbit, since they presumed it too low mass and too distant from its star to have had much effect on its rotation. Read more...

22nd July 2008 - Is there life outside planet earth?

Scottish astronomers are leading the way in the search for life outside planet earth.

Combining efforts and resources, researchers in the Scottish Universities Physics Alliance (SUPA) have emerged near the top of the international league when it comes to studying the possibility of life outside our home planet.

This position is recognised by the major international topical astronomy meeting on 'Cool Stars, stellar systems, and the Sun' being held in St Andrews this week. Read more...

21st July 2008 - The Pole star comes to life again

The Northern Star, whose vibrations were thought to be dying away, appears to have come to life again.

An international team of astronomers has observed that vibrations in the Pole star, which had been fading away to almost nothing over the last hundred years, have recovered and are now increasing. And the astronomers don't know why. Read more...

18 July 2008 - Alan Penny to be interviewed on `Good morning Scotland'

On Monday 21st July, Alan Penny from the University of St Andrews will be interviewed about his work on Polaris, which will be a poster presentation at the conference, on `Good morning Scotland' on BBC Radio Scotland at 7:50am.

Listen live online with the iPlayer

18 July 2008 - Cool Stars over St Andrews

One of the world's largest astronomy meetings will come to the UK for the first time next week when delegates from 26 countries gather at the University of St Andrews.

"Cool Stars, Stellar Systems, and the Sun", held from Monday 21 July until Friday 25 July, will be attended by around 350 international astronomers. The conference is the 15th in a long-standing series that has run since 1980, and will be the first held in the UK. Read more...

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