Local information

Conference venue

The conference will be held in the School of Physics and Astronomy. A map of St Andrews is available, with the School of Physics and Astronomy indicated as 15, New Hall (where residential delegates will be staying) indicated as 4. For delegates arriving by bus/coach, the bus station is marked as 19.

Kilt Hire

Those planning to take part in the Ceilidh on Tuesday and the Stirling Castle Banquet can do it in style thanks to a special offer from Kirk Wynd Highland House Kiltmakers - £45 for 3 evenings' kilt hire. A representative from the shop will come to the School of Physics and Astronomy at 3:30pm on Monday during the afternoon tea break to take measurements of those wanting to give it a try.

Kilts and accessories will be delivered on Tuesday. The deal includes kilt, sporran, waistcoat, black tie, jacket, kilt hose (= socks), garter flashes, sgian dubh (pronounced "skian-doo", not to be used for settling scientific disputes please), Ghillie brogues (= shoes). Bring your own shirt.

Handy advice on how to wear them is available online at several URLs:

Concise: http://www.scotchcorner.com/FAQ.html
More verbose: http://www.hintsandthings.co.uk/spareroom/wear-kilt-hire.htm
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lzy7HSgZYEs



  • The local currency is the Pound Sterling, with abbreviation GBP and symbol £.

  • Euros are generally NOT accepted.

  • Current exchange rates can be found here

  • A number of different banknotes exist: all English and Scottish notes should be legally usable in the UK, but you may possibly have difficulty using Scottish notes in England. Most banks should be able to exchange Scottish notes for English notes if needed. Pictures of the different banknotes can be found here


  • Power sockets are different from mainland Europe, and are Type G (British 3-pin) - see this page for more information.

More about St Andrews

Located on the East coast of Scotland, St Andrews is world famous for being the home of golf. The University of St Andrews was founded in 1413, and is the oldest university in Scotland. This page contains links to many sites that will provide you with information about St Andrews and the University (scroll down for more links).

The Town


The West Sands (famous for featuring in the movie Chariots of Fire), and a few of the many golf courses.

The University

The town, looking inland, with the Science Campus (the North Haugh) to the right.

Google Maps

The ruins of the Cathedral, much of which was detroyed in the 16th century.

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