Simon P Driver

I conduct research into the space density, diversity and evolution of galaxies.

Key themes:
1. Measuring and modelling the energy output of the Universe across the entire electro-magnetic spectrum.
2. Measuring and modelling the baryon budget (stars, gas, dust and SMBHs) and its evolution since the Big Bang.
3. Understanding the evolution of structure on 100Mpc to 1kpc scales (i.e., filaments, clusters, groups, and galaxy components: nucleus, bulge, pseudo-bulges, bars and discs).
4. Measuring the space-density of galaxies from giant ellipticals to L* spirals and the multitude of dwarf and low-surface brightness systems.
5. Measuring the entropy of the Universe via the super-massive black hole mass function.

To pursue these goals requires the construction of comprehensive catalogues using the latest ground-based (AAT, UKIRT, Gemini, VLT, VST, VISTA) and space-based (GALEX, WISE, HST, Spitzer, Herschel, JWST, Euclid) facilities, followed by the application of advanced image analysis software, for further details see the links below.

It also requires a dedicated team to manage these data, combine them, analyse them, extract meaningful information aand ultimately model them. I am very fortunate to have an exceptional group of young people working with me:

Dr Aaron Robotham (UWA Fellow)
Dr Luke Davies (John Stocker Fellow)
Dr Amanda Moffett (ARC Research Associate)
Ms Rebecca Lange (PhD Student)
Mr Angus Wright (PhD Student)
Mr Stephen Andrew (PhD Student)

and former group members whom I continue to pester from afar:

Prof Alister Graham (Professor at Swinburne University of Technology)
Dr Jochen Liske (ESO Staff Astronomer aka Dr J)
Dr Nicholas Cross (Wide-Field Survey Unit, Royal Observatory Edinburgh)
Dr Roberto De Propris (Fellow, University of Turku)
Dr Ewan Cameron (Senior Statistician, Oxford University)
Dr Lee Kelvin (Temporary Lecturer, University of Innsbruck)
Dr Marina Vika (Research Associate, Nottingham University)
Mr Mehmet Alpaslan (PhD submitted)

and a multitude of collaborators.

If this subject area interests you, and you'd like to join the team, drop me a line.