Simon P Driver

Cosmology, Galaxies and Next Generation Technologies
General talk give as part of National Youth Science Forum, Perth, Jan 2014
The stellar mass functions of spheroids and discs
Keynote talk give as part of the ESO Workshop, Deconstructing Galaxies, Santiago, Nov 2013 (Video)
The independent evolution of spheroids and discs
Contributed talk given at Oxford workshop on Synergistic Science with Euclid and the Square Kilometre Array, Oxford, Sep 2013
Legacy Galaxy Surveys: The MGC, GAMA & WAVES
Colloquium given at MSSL, MSSL, Oct 2013
Two-phase evolution?
Contributed talk given at Cambridge Workship on Galaxy Evolution over five Decades, Cambridge, Sep 2013
Galaxy And Mass Assembly (GAMA)
Invited Talk given at AIP Workshop on Large Area Optical Spectroscopic Survey Science with 4MOST, Potsdam, Nov 2012
Normal Mass and Normal Energy
Contributed Talk at IAU General Assembly, Beijing, Aug 2012
Panchromatic Properties of Galaxies in Wide-Field Optical Spectroscopic and Photometric Surveys
Invited Review, IAU Symp. 284 on the Spectral Energy Distribution of Galaxies, Preston, Sep 2011
Island Universes
Public Lecture, University of Western Australia, Perth, May 2011
Galaxy And Mass Assembly: Pitfalls and Progress
Review Talk, Hunting for the Dark, Malta, Oct 2009
A Blueprint for galaxy formation?
Invited Talk, Astronomical Society of Australia AGM, Perth, June, 2008 (Powerpoint asa08_driver.ppt)
The MGC and GAMA: Structural Surveys
Invited Talk, The Galaxy Disc in Cosmological Context, Copenhagen, June 2008
Invited Talk, An XXL ExtraGalactic Survey: prospects for the XMM next decade, Paris, April 2008
Luminous Matter and Luminous Energy
Colloquium at Univ. Sydney and Swinburne Univ. Tech., March 2008 (Powerpoint usyd.ppt)
The Millennium Galaxy Catalogue: Galaxy Bulges (Coarse Properties)
Formation and Evolution of Galaxy Bulges, Oxford, July 2007
The Millennium Galaxy Catalogue: Bimodality, Dust and Stellar Mass Functions
Colloquium, Heidelberg, June 2007 (Powerpoint mpi.ppt )
The Millennium Galaxy Catalogue: Bimodality, Dust and Stellar Mass Functions
A New Zeal for Old Galaxies, New Zealand, March 2007
Untangling Galaxy Formation and Evolution
Colloquium, ROE, October 2006
The Millennium Galaxy Catalogue: Bimodality, Dust and SMBHS
From Stars to Galaxies: Building the pieces to build up the Universe, Venice, October 2006
The luminosity-size relation of galaxies to z=1 ?
At the edge of the Universe, Sintra, October 2006
Did bulges form first and discs later ?
International Astronomy Union, Symposium 235, Prague, Aug 2006 RealPlayer video stream (<300kbps)
Did bulges form first and discs later ?
UK National Astronomy Meeting, April 2006
Untangling galaxy formation
St Andrews Astrolunch, March 2006
The optical propeties of galaxies
Astronomical Society of Australia Harley-Wood Winter School, June 2005
The Millennium Galaxy Catalogue
Colloquium at the Anglo-Australian Observatory, Oct 2004