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Group members

  • PhD student Inna Bozhinova (2013-2017, St Andrews): thesis project 'Time domain observations of young stars' (funded by the Science & Technology Facilities Council), finished August 2017
  • PhD student Donna Rodgers-Lee (2012-2017, DIAS): thesis project 'Protoplanetary disks' (co-supervised, main supervisor Turlough Downes, Dublin), finished March 2017
  • PhD student Laura Rigon (2011-2015, St Andrews): thesis project 'Multiwavelength studies of disks' (co-supervised by Peter Woitke / St Andrews and Jane Greaves / St Andrews), finished December 2015
  • PhD student Paul Dawson (2010-2014, DIAS): thesis project 'Young brown dwarfs and their environment' (funded by a grant from the Science Foundation Ireland), finished April 2014
  • PhD student Grainne Costigan (2009-2013, DIAS): thesis project 'Accretion variability in young stellar objects' (Lindsey scholarship, co-supervised by Jorick Vink / Armagh Observatory and Leonardo Testi / ESO Garching), finished October 2013

Research topics

  • Formation of stars, brown dwarfs, and planets
  • The infancy of stars: accretion, disks, and outflows
  • Angular momentum as a fundamental property of stars
  • Stellar and substellar atmospheres: spots, clouds, flares
  • Magnetic activity, disks, and their influence on stellar rotation
  • The inventory of open clusters and star forming regions
  • Variability as a tool to study stellar properties
  • History and philosophy of astronomy
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