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SONYC - short for Substellar Objects in Nearby Young Clusters - is a long-term project to study the frequency and properties of brown dwarfs in star forming regions. SONYC was initiated in 2006 and is carried out in collaboration between Aleks Scholz (University of St Andrews), Ray Jayawardhana (University of Toronto), Koraljka Muzic (ESO Santiago), Vincent Geers (DIAS), Paul Dawson (DIAS), and Motohide Tamura (NAOJ). So far, we have published results for five regions, NGC1333, Chamaeleon-I, Rho Ophiuchus, Upper Scorpius, and Lupus-3. This page serves as a data repository for SONYC. We provide links to the most important catalogues and to the spectra of the confirmed very low mass objects in our target regions.

If you find our data useful, please make sure to cite the original reference(s) listed above.

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Brown dwarfs in the young star cluster NGC 1333. This photograph combines optical and infrared images taken with the Subaru Telescope. Brown dwarfs newly identified by our SONYC Survey are circled in yellow, while previously known brown dwarfs are circled in white. The arrow points to the least massive brown dwarf known in NGC 1333; it is only about six times heftier than Jupiter. See the press release for more details. Credit: SONYC Team/Subaru Telescope